Bird Gard® Super Pro


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Four built-in amplifiers and four external speakers provide high-volume, crystal-clear digital sound. It mounts easily to a post or pole using the included mounting hardware and brackets.

Our extensive library of bird distress cries can be customized for specific needs. The generating unit features solid-slate electronics enclosed in a NEMA-type control box for weather protection. 

Bird Gard® Super Pro is a powerful system covering up to six acres. The system is applicable in viticulture, industrial areas, agriculture, farms, orchards, large fish farms, hangars, livestock feedlots, and marinas. It utilizes real bird distress cries and predator sounds transmitted via high fidelity speakers.  The system is selectable and programmable for customized operation, and reduced habituation.

Choose from four individual speakers, or a single four-speaker box. Both components provide equally clear, high-volume, digital sound. The Super Pro is easily mounted to a pole or post with use of provided mounting hardware and brackets.

Keep your battery charged with our 20 watt solar panel.