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  • Why are shipping & handling fees for pyrotechnics so high?

    Since common carriers add a hazardous material surcharge for shipments of pyrotechnics, our minimum shipping and handling fee is $48 for all boxes containing pyrotechnics. Reduce your per-cartridge cost by ordering larger quantities. For example, shipping and handling for a 100 round order of pyrotechnics will equal 48 cents per cartridge. A 200 round order will drop the cost to 24 cents… and we can ship as many as 3,500 rounds in a box! Call our staff to learn how you can get more bang for your buck!

  • Do I need an ATF Permit to purchase your pyrotechnic products?

    Our Bird Banger and Screamer Siren pyrotechnic cartridges do not require an ATF Permit. However, our Bird Banger EXP, CAPA, and ShellCracker cartridges do require an ATF Explosives Permit. From May 1, 2011, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) requires a Federal Explosives Permit for the use of Explosive Pest Control Devices (EPCDs). You can review the ATF Permit information here on our web site.


  • Why am I charged a HazMat fee for pyrotechnics?

    Common carriers charge a Hazardous Materials fee  of $28.50 on all shipments of pyrotechnics regardless of size.

    Occasionally we receive orders for 100 rounds, but since this is a set fee, it makes sense to purchase larger quantities. If you purchase 200 rounds, for example, the price of shipping will cost $28.50 less than the order for 100 rounds. If you purchase 300, 400, or up to 2000 rounds, the HazMat fee is still the same $28.50. So it makes sense to buy as many as you might need in one shipment. In addition, there is always the incremental savings in shipping.

  • What is the Wildlife Control Statement?

    Our pyrotechnic products are solely for agricultural/bird and wildlife control, and a Wildlife Control Statement must be registered with our company before any pyrotechnic orders are shipped.

    The purpose of the Wildlife Control Statement is to identify the person(s) responsible for safe handling, deployment and storage of our pyrotechnic products. You complete the Wildlife Control form when you purchase a pyrotechnic product upon checkout. The information on the form is kept confidential and is for our records only. We do not share or distribute any information we collect. You can review our privacy policy here.

  • Is my account information secure?

    We do not share, sell or distribute your information. We do not store credit cards on our website. All financial information is protected by an SSL certificate behind 256 bit encryption. If you’d like you can review our privacy policy.