Pg 1-4 DoorOur History

Our story begins in Greenville, Mississippi in 1953 when Clarke Reed recognized that the growth in grain production in the Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana Delta region would cause a new demand for grain storage. He soon brought in his boarding school friend, Barthell Joseph, and the two partnered to construct pre-fabricated grain bins on-site for grain producers in the region.

Not long after starting the business they recognized another need: Their customers were losing large portions of their crops to grain-hungry birds, so Reed and Joseph set out to find a solution. They soon located a manufacturer of carbide gas cannons designed to scare birds.

Along the way, the two began investing in other agriculture-related areas such as river boats and barges, and farm land. Their grain bin business continued to expand, and they eventually sold that portion of the business as well as their farming and river boat interests. Since then Reed-Joseph has focused solely on bird and wildlife control.

As our story continues and our company grows, we never stop innovating. The old carbide crystals have been replaced with propane gas, and we added products like pyrotechnics, electronic distress cry generators, lasers, and radio-controlled cannons.   We also discovered that not only farmers use our products. Today our customers include airports, landfills, golf courses, residential areas, and dozens of other categories. Although many things have changed during our long and exciting history, one thing remains the same: the customer is the most important part!