Avian Dissuader® - Green


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Light, rugged, easy to maneuver, and no noise! The Avian Dissuader® is tested and proven. The 650nm wavelength beam will startle, frighten, and drive birds away.

The strong green beam of the Avian Dissuader® unsettles birds without harming them, and the powerful light is difficult for them to ignore. It has been tested and proven effective with geese, ducks, crows, gulls, vultures, cormorants and egrets. It is a perfect solution when the use of noise is not ideal or desirable.

With its 650 nonometer wavelength beam, the Avian Dissuader® has an effective range of over 3/4 mile.  Its beam width is adjustable, and laser output is 50mW.  It is powered by a 9 volt battery, and a lockable weather-proof carrying case is included.