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Research has shown that all bird species are affected by Bird Stop™. This micro-encapsulated, food grade, biodegradable repellent works for both turf and crops. 

Bird Stop™ is a biodegradable food-grade bird repellent. Researchers have tested it on a wide range of species and so far every instance has produced the same result: a loss of appetite leading to migration. 

Bird Stop™ is a sensory repellent that irritates the mouth and stomach of birds when the treated vegetation is ingested. This minor irritation is enough to cause the birds to leave the area and pursue their hunt for food elsewhere. It has no lasting harmful effects; birds do not experience intense physiological reactions. This makes Bird Stop™ a thoroughly humane method of crop protection that can stand guard around the clock.

Bird Stop™ should be diluted in ample water in a well-ventilated area. Applicators should wear protective clothing as a precautionary measure and make sure that they get thorough coverage of the area. Repeat sprays may be needed if substantial bird damage is noticed. Should be utilized regularly and treated as an essential part of good crop maintenance.

Application Instructions

Hand Sprayers: Mix one part of repellent with 99 parts of water (1% solution). Use 1.3 oz to 7.7 oz in 1 to 6 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet. Apply directly to plants.

Timing: Begin applications when fruit begins to ripen or when birds begin feeding. Reapply every 5 to 8 days as needed.

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