Bird Banger with Blank Primers


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Scare birds and wildlife from crops, landfills, fish farms, feed lots and airfields with the 15 mm Bird Banger cartridge.

Launched from a single, double, or seven shot launcher with the aid of a 6 mm blank primer, the Bird Banger travels 50 to 125 feet before exploding with a loud report. Blank primers are included at no charge.

Our Wildlife Control Statement is required for purchase of Bird Banger cartridges. If you purchase Bird Banger cartridges on our web site, you will be prompted to complete a Wildlife Control Statement either upon opening an online account or upon making a purchase as a visitor.

We also recommend Safe Storage for your Bird Banger cartridges, preferebly a weather proof storage magazine which provides some level of protection from fire and theft.

Count Per Package 100
Safety Data Sheet Bird Banger download
Wildlife Control Statement download