Consider safety first when handling pyrotechnics and launchers.

When using Scare-Away pyrotechnics and launchers, always wear ear and eye protection, and always use extreme caution!

Pyrotechnics and launchers can cause fire or injury if not properly used. Launchers, cartridges, and blank primers should be handled with extreme care. Do not attempt to use damaged cartridges, blanks, or launchers. Review all instructions and warnings that come with pyrotechnic cartridges and launchers.

Keep the muzzle of the launcher pointed at a safe direction away from people. Clean launchers regularly.

All Scare-Away pyrotechnic devices and launchers are for outdoor use only. Do not fire at or near people or livestock. Do not fire toward dry fields, forests, buildings, or any flammable materials.

Do not fire pyrotechnics from a vehicle, or carry a loaded launcher in a vehicle. Do not carry a loaded launcher on your person, in your pocket, or any form of similar cases. Load launcher only shortly before use. Keep spare cartridges protected and away from launcher.

Consider wind direction and overhead obstructions before using pyrotechnics. Keep out of the reach of children. Scare-Away pyrotechnics and launchers should only be handled by adults fully instructed in the use of these products. Avoid exposing pyrotechnic cartridges to flame or high heat. Local laws may require a permit of use from Fire Department or other responsible department.

Always wear ear and eye protection! Always use extreme caution!