Canada Geese: A Mixed Blessing

Everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous Canada Goose (Branta canadensis), but not everyone is happy with the current numbers of geese present throughout the United States and Canada. Urban populations of resident, or non-migratory geese have exploded in recent decades, Continue Reading »

European Starling

The European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) was introduced from Great Britain in 1890 in an effort to bring all species mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare to North America. Approximately 60 individuals were released into New York City’s Central Park. Continue Reading »

LP Gas Cannons and the Scare Wars® System

The use of LP gas cannons to supplement bird and wildlife control efforts in an integrated program can be a very effective mitigation strategy if used properly. While all other standard measures such as habitat management, exclusionary structures, and use Continue Reading »

Why Pyrotechnics?

Pyrotechnics may be the singularly most effective mitigation measure available for dispersing birds and wildlife. Wildlife damage specialists employ a variety of techniques to reduce damage, protect health and safety, control vectors, and save money. Birds and wildlife can cause Continue Reading »

Following the Miracle

On January 15, 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 departed from New York’s LaGuardia airport and landed in the annals of flight history. The aircraft struck a flock of Canada Geese and lost power in both engines resulting in a forced Continue Reading »

Consider safety first when handling pyrotechnics and launchers.

When using Scare-Away pyrotechnics and launchers, always wear ear and eye protection, and always use extreme caution! Pyrotechnics and launchers can cause fire or injury if not properly used. Launchers, cartridges, and blank primers should be handled with extreme care. Continue Reading »

Get more bang for your buck!

Since common carriers add a hazardous material surcharge for shipments of pyrotechnics, our minimum shipping and handling fee is $48 for all boxes containing pyrotechnics. Reduce your per-cartridge cost by ordering larger quantities. For example, shipping and handling for a Continue Reading »