LP Gas Cannon

The Scare-Away LP Gas Cannon versus The Zon Propane Exploder: A Comparison

If you are ready to buy a propane cannon to scare birds, it would be wise to compare products. There are a variety of propane cannons on the market for different needs. We strongly believe that the Scare-Away LP gas cannon is the best bird scaring cannon available. When compared to the Zon propane exploder, the Scare-Away has several advantages. Here are just a few!

Decibel Level

The 130 decibel detonations of the Scare-Away LP gas cannons are 10 decibels louder than the Zon propane exploder’s 120 decibels. This means the Scare-Away is effectively twice as loud and provides four times the coverage. In other words, it would take four Zon cannons to do the job of one Scare-Away cannon!

Coverage Area

Another feature to consider when choosing a propane cannon to scare birds is coverage area – and when it comes to scaring off birds, more is better. The Scare-Away cannon covers 240 acres at a sound level of 100 dB, whereas the Zon will only cover 60 acres at the same 100 decibels. That equals a 180-acre advantage for the Scare-Away cannon!

Single-Bang vs. Multi-Bang

The Zon Mark IV is single-bang, whereas the Scare-Away model M8 is multi-bang. The differences when it comes to this feature is significant. For example, during a three-minute period, the Scare-Away M8 produces a random array of four single shots, four double shots, and four triple shots, for a total of 24 shots. The Zon cannon produces 15 single shots in three minutes at regular intervals. You are literally getting more bang for your buck!

Not only does the Scare-Away cannon produce almost 40% more shots than the Zon over a three-minute period, but it does so in a random manner of single, double, and triple shot clusters. Why are random clusters important? The answer is fundamental and represents another striking difference between the two propane cannons. Over time, birds may learn to ignore shots at regular intervals, making the cannon less effective. Random shots substantially reduce habituation, improving and prolonging the overall efficacy of the Scare-Away Model M8.


Since your propane cannon will be outdoors year-round, it needs to withstand the elements. Scare-Away is heavy duty and more durable than the Zon. Reed-Joseph has been selling the Scare-Away LP gas cannon since 1953, and some of the earliest cannons we sold are still in operation!

So, if you are ready to purchase a propane cannon to scare birds, go with the best. Go with Scare-Away!